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17 October 2021 (sunday)

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Food giving for the old people

The Centre Youth Organization’s ESC volunteers helping in the food delivering for The Joint Social Institution of the Multi-Purpose Association of the Szolnok Micro-Region.

The volunteers several times a week helps to get the hot lunch for the elder people, which means a big support for the institution, because there is the case when the nurses are forced to help in the food delivering, because more than 50 elder people living with this service.

Lunches are getting pick up from the nursing home at 11 a.m. by volunteers and they deliver these to the given addresses in the Széchenyi city part. In the doors there were prepared the empty boxes, which the volunteers will get back to the nourishing home.

To our volunteers are looking as a acquaint the elder people living there and it feels good for them, that they can change some words. With the arrival of the summer break our IKSZ youth will join to this noble case.


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