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17 October 2021 (sunday)

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Children’s’ Day on Harangod with the Maltese Charity Service

By our partner, the Maltese Charity Service an ESC volunteer of ours with some youngsters got to Harangod on June 12th, on Saturday to a Christian children’s day.

The volunteers in Saturday morning are gathered at the playground of Maltese and then a little important information was told to them, they have started with the minibus to the place. After their arrive, they were already waited at the camp location, they showed where to put their stuff, where their place will be. The young team is divided immediately and started their own task.

The volunteers are helped in several tasks: there were who moderated giant board game, for example the viking chess, were who did face paint for the kids, some of them are helped in the origami folding or paint medals.

A lot of children were interested in all of the activities, because of this the volunteers had a lot of work. The time was flying fast and then they found themselves on that, the activity is expired and they can go to home.

Before they went to home, they got cooled a little themselves with a little ice cream, they helped to pack the supplies then at the end the team of the Maltese Charity Service thanked to them their participation and help, which they rewarded with a bar of chocolate.

In the minibus everybody travelled tiredly, but everybody shared talked the experiences from the day.

Overall, this wonderful Saturday children’s day was great for everyone.


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