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17 October 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The volunteers of Nyíregyháza are organized a Smile Day

On a beautiful sunny day were organized the Smile Day, which were implemented in the framework of the social week of the Hungarian Year of Volunteering (ÖMÉ).

The program was organized by the two foreign and a Hungarian speaker ESC volunteer, which were implemented on 10th of June.

On the program a class of twenty people are participated from the Arany János Secondary and Primary School’s English Bilingual Member Institution of Szőlőskert. The children are waited excitedly that the volunteers arrive to them, who have prepared with a colourful program palette. The children participated in exerciser games, in plaster painting, and in other activities.

The children were very active during the programs. The volunteers got a very good feeling, because while the virus situation they had very few opportunities in person with the students. For the kids, even for a while, but they could cast a smile on their faces. For the little kids it was a great hang out before the beginning of the summer break.


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