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17 October 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

3 days long activity at the Dorkász Service

Between 22-24 of June 2 ESC volunteer girls and some young students are began the summer vacation at the Dorkász Service. They have spent 3 wonderful days there helping in different tasks.

On the first day – despite of the big hot weather – everybody was enthusiastic and waited that how is the day will be. It is started adventurously, because they got off from the bus 2 stops earlier, because of this a little walking began. When they arrived to the location, they were welcome with much pleasure and enthusiasm. The guys were sent up for the bags immediately which are contained cloths, meanwhile the girls are arranged the place outside to be the place appropriate for the work. When the bags are got out, they got empty one of them and they started to sort the clothes from the bag based on quality, size and gender. Meanwhile they did their task, they looked on some clothes crazily and they tried to guess where they could get there from who have wearing it etc. However, the youngsters are talked about many other topics among others the today’s world’s identity, style, fashion, and so many other similar youthful topics. Near the work there were time for pleasure too, the boys were relaxed with football, while the girls in a meaningful conversation and with listening to music. They didn’t realise that the time has already spent and they could go to home.

On the second day also, the teenagers were started to go in the wonderful sun from Debrecen to the Dorkász. This day for gave them a new task, because they had to clean the camping houses, which consisted about that, they were swept up, moped the floor, wiped the furniture, and changed bedding. All this they did in a happy mood: the funny jokes, and the juicy stories couldn’t miss. And although slower, than the previous day, this day is also spent.

On the third and final day, the students and ESC volunteers went out to the Dorkász Service, already a little exhausted and softened by the heat. They were given another wonderful task, because they had to find a book among so many dozens of books and for this a prize were also awarded. The young people eagerly began to find the book hope that, they will be the lucky finders. After a few hours, the foreign ESC volunteer managed to find the book it was looking for by everybody, his reward was a cold tonic, which he could choose himself. After lunch break a new task waited for them. They had to write down a few boxes of books on paper, the book’s title, and author. Despite of the big sultry hot weather they tried to make better the day with listening to music and meanwhile singing one-one songs and the day spent with this too like the others.

In summary it can be told, these 3 days were good for us, they became a good team after 3 days, also it was useful and meaningful too, because there was a girl, who studies French at the time in school and she could practice the using of the language, because one of the ESC girls are came straight from France.

Successfully by the tasks the little youngsters are stimulated both to the honest and persistent work.


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