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17 October 2021 (sunday)

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The dog walking was in hot weather

In 26 of June, on a hot Saturday 2 ESC volunteers and some school community service performer students are warped to take dogs for a walk in the morning hours at the animal shelter in Debrecen.

There were who are joined to the ESC volunteers and were, who already went straight to the location, but at the end they are met at the animal shelter with everybody. Straightaway they gave everybody a small dog to the hand, who with could start the walking. There was who got a spry dog, was who got calmer or a playful one, but everybody loved that dog, which they got to hand. After 3-4 dogs not just, the youngsters felt really hot but also the little dogs too, so when they got back from the walking they went into the pool with full of water, while they waited to bring back them to the kennel.

Despite of the hot weather everybody enjoyed the walking also the dogs and the youngsters too who could start the vacation with some little cute dogs’ company. Sometime at lunch they walkers could go home because the time is expired and the workers already just took care of the dogs.


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