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17 August 2022 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Semester evaluation and planning on our three days long forum

Between July 1.-3. was implemented our already as usually held three days long semester planner forum like last year in Törökszentmiklós. On the three days we have looked the things those happened since the three days meeting of January with several professional blocks and we have planned the future, and there was no lack of several team builder activity, funny and out switcher experiences.

On firth the professional sections of the program are started in the early morning, after the travels in the dawn in the Székács Elemér Református Gimnázium, Mezőgazdasági és Élelmiszeripari Technikum, Szakképző Iskola és Kollégiumban by courtesy of our partner.

On the first day we have looked back through different playful practices and tasks to the past half-year, this section was led by Timi Árva and Tina Csonka. Then by the courtesy of the National Youth Council the Association is participated in an organizational diagnosis, where it was measured, the internal relations, its operations with an organization which is operates with this. The result presenter professional Sándor Rabi introduced it with a representative presentation.

In the afternoon, Petronella Kocsis who spent her last workday at us former co-worker of Szolnok said goodbye to us with an entertaining team builder section, with a lot of pair and a group practice. After we got to an accommodation, on the beach of Törökszentmiklós we have closed the day with a grill dinner.

The second day we have started after the breakfast in the Székács with a new portrait and group picture taking to since now we could have uniformly made pictures on our online platforms. Then we have continued with team building which left from the first day where the acquaintance got a bigger part in it. In the afternoon we have continued with work and planning we agreed about details of many future projects, deadlines, task shares. We have closed us the professional part after diner with the mentor program’s theories. There were words with details about the essence of the mentor program, its purpose, why is the progress is began at us and there were words about the practices and methodologies. The second day’s evening closed with more excitedness and games because this was the 3 days weekend’s last night.

On the third day after the breakfast the work got the main role of the day. At the beginning of the section the moderator asked that the co workers write up two expectations which they would like to get a solution, get an answer and if it got fulfilled then tick it. A lot of conciliations, debates were implemented about the actual tasks, projects and objectives need to be achieved. Not got a tick to all of the expectations, but at the end of the section most of to them got a tick. We were closed the morning and the three days forum with a pizza lunch. Then we were packing to the cars and in the afternoon, everybody gone to home, somebody to Szolnok, to Debrecen or to Nyíregyháza.

Overall, we have spent 3 great days together, what could give something new, more professionally but also humanly too, we will meet in January 2022 again in these kind of frames like now.


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