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17 October 2021 (sunday)

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Our Debrecen ESC volunteer at the Csillagpont

Embracing a full week with preparations in all between July 24 and 31 were happen the Csillagpont Catholic Christian festival in Debrecen.

One of the Association’s ESC volunteers was participating in the event, as a registration workgroup member. On the first day when she has arrived to the location, she didn’t know anybody, but she found herself in front of some open and friendly people already at her arrival. After, she has met with the members of the team too, with who they closed a teambuilder day together.

By the second day, everyone was focused on the actual task and tried to get know the usage of the system. The third day went in the same way. After that the long-waited Tuesday have arrived, when the participants were come. They have counted on more people as many as come to the place, despite of the warm day the day went wonderful during in service.

The night’s highlight was a Kowalsky meg a Vega concert, where our volunteer could have a party with her childhood friend of hers. The next day has come, which was easier in the level of the serving, because they just had to register the people who are coming in the subordinate time. Anyway, she had the time to enrich in soul by the devotions and performances, which are discussed the topic of the freedom on the whole week.

The other days went in the similar way with better and better programs and concerts, like the Irie Maffia. For her the Friday was the apex day, because our Hungarian speaker volunteer could win a table tennis competition with the first place. The night spent wonderfully, because with the lot of youngsters she could listen to Christian music, which for her it was the true caring for her. The week spent fast and she found herself on that, she is sitting on the last day’s closer worship and then just the farewell came.

This week spent unbelievably fast, where she has been enriched with a lot of new relationships, with spiritual experiences and with true pleasure, and with freedom equally. For her this was event was the farewell point of the summer in every way and she’s very happy to she could be a part of a great team and a cool festival.


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