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17 October 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The outdoor training in Panyola was held again this year

Between 2-5 August 2021. were organized for the youth leaders the outdoor training of Panyola with a lot of challenges, surprises, where the main purpose was that, to trust in themselves and truest in the others too.

On the first day the main part was the acquainting, between the organizers and the participants by playful games, also the mapping of the environment. On the next day the 24 hours long challenge has begun. During this time the 4 student governments, the 4 teams could help just themselves and the others. They had to do six tasks, they had to get food for themselves, also find an accommodation. All of the teams had one phone, they had to report on that in every hour.

This year’s outdoor topic was the Jumanji, which gave a lot of opportunities to find out quality tasks also from the side of the teams for the solutions. The teams could solve the tasks with accordance, and were they get into some difficulties they encouraged each other. Or they accepted, processed what happened, what they couldn’t solve, but they went through, as like as they have to do that in several situations later.

Of course, after the great competitions the celebration and the evaluation couldn’t miss.

About the outdoor a little video has been made, in which we can get a better insight with pictures and videos, what happened on this year’s outdoor:


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