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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Gábor Dombóvári

We did an interview with one of the Association’s nice partner Gábor Dombóvári. In the interview with Gábor we could get a little insight to the partnerships and cooperation’ opportunities, also we could get know that, how a partner of ours sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

1. When did you get in touch with our Association?
We have met at first sometime at 2007-2008 when the Association didn’t had an office and the county Student Government needed a place, where they can meet with each other. This was the first occasion after in 2008 we had a Town Twilling Meeting, with which we have visited the county meeting which was in the Zrínyi.

2. How far you are working together with our Association?
Based on this then 13-14 years ago. Truly in 2012 is sped up the cooperation then.

3. If was there, which was the first event, which you implemented with our Association together?
As I said, the first cooperation was the providing of a place, following this there were a lot like suddenly I can’t tell, which was the project or event which is considerable as our first joint one, but maybe the Carpathian Basin network called the Juventus Soliditas, where we made our connections deeper in 2012 and in connection with this are born the international projects too between the lot of connection points.

4. Why are you working with the youth, why did you choose this as your profession?
My hobby is my work. It would be so long to describe, so I just stick to the written description with that, it is also worth dealing with youth for that reason, because the person gets young to them, so its worth for sure.

5. Which was your biggest event, which you implemented so far?
In event the city sparrow inauguration with its 500-600 number of participants, but there was a 140 participant 4 days long event in 2017, also now will be in 2021, 4 days long 200 people as well. But if we count a 2007 youth event too, then maybe that was the biggest, because on that day in the end there was a Quimby concert which was far more than a 1000 people, but it was that long time ago, nobody remembers to that out of me, but in our radio we have a poster about that too.

6. What kind of possibilities are you providing to the youngsters, who are going to you or joining to you?
The sky is the limit. And for real. But if we concretise some: making radio shows, event organizing, School Community Service, International opportunity, youth exchanges, trainings, structured dialogues. And yes, those certain doors can open, just it should demonstrate strength for the youth.

7. If you could broaden the palette of the services, events, activities of the Mustárház what it would be?
I try to earn that, to build a youth hostel on the full territory where until our fence stands, but I couldn’t found an audience for this so far. I would like this a lot and it could be a very good society undertaking, because there isn’t any kind of accommodation in this territory like this.

8. What are those things which are cause difficulties to you during your work?
Inactivity on the part of young people, but it isn’t a new thing and everybody deals with this problem, who are dealing with young people.

9. What kind of advantages are coming with a cooperation with a similar youth association like yours?
To this those people could answer, who are our partners in person as an organization. This what kinds of advantages coming with it I don’t know, but is it worth, that I can tell for sure, because we can work on a lot of fields, do activities, so those who are in partnership with us, they can move in a lot of directions, this means local, national or international level too.

10. Please characterize our Association with 5 words!
You gave me the lesson with this question, but then suddenly be these: strength, endurance, regional, “thinningpair” the last one is the thinning pair, just you asked for 5 words this could be the 6 th one.

11. Tell a dear memory in connection with the Association!
There are a lot of these, so it would be hard to emphasize one from these, so rather I tell that, its exemplary like these 2 civil organizations can work together like us, although that would be the case for everyone in the civilian realm.

12. Did your organization participate with ours in a project which was longer that 1 month?
Yes, there were more of these, based on my first memories are it was an international project in the framework of the Juventus, a majority minority project, which had 3 stations in Romania, in Austria and in Hungary.

13. Was a case like that, thanks to the collaboration, young people took turns visiting each other’s program?
Certainly. But the reason I’m young since a longer time, so its hard for me to rummage in my memories, but for sure there where a thing like this.

14. Your youth office and ours are so close to each other’s, where there like they lost the house number?
There were like this with local civilians, yes.

15. What do you think, what are those things, which are joint in both of the Associations?
The humility. The commitment to the aim group, which isn’t available to do without humility. And there is no more important than that to be good for the aim group, because that’s rewrites everything, be anyway of this.

16. What kind of differences are between the two organizations?
There are structural differences, but which is more important, is there is no in principle.

17. Please characterize with a quote or own sentence the youth and civil work!
I would say that strength is in the unity, but there isn’t unity.

18. Do the Mustárház and the Association has a joint cultural or sport activity, for example dance, music etc.?
Which is joint is the sport, twice a year we are having a competition in football, basketball, and in volleyball, this logically was postponed last year.

19. What kind of prospects do you have in connection with the youth work? Is that useful, popular, needed for the youth as a community like, which the Mustárház and Központ provides?
Of course, I can tell that, it’s useful, if I won’t think that in this way we should close. But its true, I can’t articulate to the youth. But it can be so joyful, if a youngster gives a proposal or a notice on a student parliament, which then builds into the everyday. In spite of that there are just a few of it, somehow just a few people see that, it hides how big opportunity in the individual and social development too. And those doors are really opens, just a few youngsters believe that.

20. Are you planning it further in the future to cooperate with the Association?
Because we have a kind of cooperation between us, which don’t have a lot of examples for in the country, so we would like to keep this good habit, I think.. :)


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