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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

They were acting in the Csökkentlátók elder nursing home

After a long omission we went again to the Csökkentlátók elder nursing home to hold a handcrafting occasion. A co-worker of Debrecen, an ESC volunteer, also a school community service performer student were go to the nursing home on a wonderful day of September.

They have approached the building with a little excitedly, but the enthusiasm, creativity and the curiosity were bigger in them. When they arrived, the workers are waited them with big love. After the filled paper at the reception the went to the room, where the activity was, of course during this time wearing of face masks were obligatory for them. Then the elderly people slowly came to the room, 10 people gathered and the activity have begun.

The girls told that, they will create a hedgehog by paper, because the autumn has come. After everybody checked the sample, they started the work. They’re glued and then they are concentrated a lot to the orders, which they got. Sometimes in it the old moms are told a few jokes, with which they made smile to each face. There were who making the hedgehog quietly, somewhere the youngsters helped for them. Everybody gave an own name for their hedgehog, also there were a little paper folding task at the time. They didn’t realise that this one hour has been passed fast and they said a smiling and grateful goodbye to each other.

In summary it can be told, everybody felt good themselves during the occasion, the youngsters could get new experiences, and the elderly people could pass their time usefully. It spent that good, they can’t wait for the next occasion.


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