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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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The Terrain marathon started again in the autumn

In this year the Terrain marathon was organized for the second time in Debrecen, at this time the autumn version.

This from the spring was different in that, the implementation of this was at a different location with a different organizer team. A co-worker of Debrecen, an ESC volunteer, and some young students are helped in the implementation.

Before the start they have met with each other one and a half hour and they went together to the place. The organizers are waited for them with big pleasure: they have showed for them the registration place, because the youngsters are helped in the registration of the runners too. Those who were put to the fresher points, they went to fill up the empty water barrels. Meantime the place got full of life, thanks to the air castle, to the food stand and for Lali clown who made for the kids, turtles, giraffes and whatever they wanted by balloons. At 9 o’clock the marathoners are started with the accompany of a cannon shot. They were followed by the half marathoners who are started at half to 10, then the quarter marathoners are started at 10 o’clock successfully.

During that the youngsters are rested a bit, ate some, talked. At 10:40 the first quarter marathon runner has arrived, who the volunteers had to give for water, croissant and runner-up medal. In the remaining day they had to give to the competitors croissant, water and medal. In the end the announcement of results is happened, where the youngsters were good help for the organizers. They were very grateful for the help, they were happy to the event could be implemented again, according to them they would like to implement the next year’s competition with this cool team. The youngsters felt very well themselves, they completed their tasks with pleasure and they are waiting enthusiastically for the next field marathon.


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