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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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Presentation about Poland for the Multicultural Families Association

On the 18th of September 2021. (saturday) our volunteer, Maja Cyron gave a presentation at one of the churches of the Reformed Congregation for the members of the Multicultural Families Association.

The topic of the presentation was Poland and polish culture, and the participants gained lots of new and interesting information. They learnt about local natural resources, important cities in Poland, traditions, customs, and traditional dishes. Those present found out that Poland has the biggest Jesus statue in the world. With its height of 52 meters, it is taller than the rightly famous Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro. The only middle european desert can also be found in Poland, as well as the biggest zone of movable dunes in Europe. The participants experienced in suprise how similar polish customs and cuisine is to hungarian ones. With the help of our colleagues translataion, they happily explained the similarities to Maja. After the fullfilling presentation, they tasted a cake made by our volunteer, which is a typical easter dessert in Poland. Maja wasn’t left out of the gastronomic experience either, as the members of the Association also prepared Sport bars and puff pastry filled with curd for their guests.


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