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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Our 2 new ESC volunteers of Nyíregyháza have arrived to us

In September of 2021 our 2 new ESC volunteers are arrived to us to Nyíregyháza at last, to help improve the language skills of local young people. All of this in schools’ classrooms also with providing a lot of opportunities.

On 3th of September, 2021, at 4 a.m. in the morning Lucía Ferrao our Spanish volunteer has arrived to us. After a couple of hours of sleep, she has visited our event which implemented on the same day, the picnic of Nyíregyháza. Where she could get acquainted with a lot of active members of the Association. On the next week she has swung into the work, because after a meeting with the school’s principal and the language teachers, the classes are started in the Apáczai Csere János Practical Primary School. Later she will be participating in other schools, as a lecturer.

Exactly two weeks later on 17 th of September Nicola Reinker has arrived to us from Germany. Unfortunately, she didn’t have that kind of opportunity to participate in an event like Lucía, but the 20 th birthday of the Association can hold for her some other opportunities. Also following her arriving week, she could start the acquaintance with the other volunteers.

As a part of their volunteering, they have participated in an event between 20-25 of September called the OnArrival training, with that they were drove into the world of volunteering and they were preparing for the next 5 month’s ordeals during they are volunteering at us.


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