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17 October 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

XIV. County Student Forum Debrecen

This year, the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County held the inaugural general assembly called the XIV. County Student Forum.

The event’s purpose was that to the primary and secondary school students of the county could change experiences acquaint with each other, also to get new knowledge, get to new opportunities.

The Forum was opened by the County Hall’s MP, then the president of the HABIDISZ Cserta Dóra welcome the students. After the HABIDISZ’s leadership held an introduction about the student government, about them, about their events.

The Centre Youth Association (and the ESC volunteers), the University of Debrecen, the Campus festival, the Magenta Kraftlab, the Stand for something and the Agora Scientific Experience Center colourized the event.

The after lectures and the pizza lunch the leader board of the HABIDISZ held small group conversations with the participants, where they have discussed several topics for example program ideas, or what kind of forms is easier to reach the students.

The event was successful, because closely 80 people participated in it, to the staff members of the student government 7 new people signed up.


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