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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The youth department of the Mosolyvirág Nagycsaládosok Association on Community Building

On 27 th of September 11 youngsters are participated on an extraordinary afternoon. The event’s implementer were the Centre Youth Association’s co-worker of Debrecen and its volunteer from Transylvania, who are put together their thematic with consultation with the Mosolyvirág.

The spine of the afternoon was given by the importance and power of the team building in cooperation. The home of the program was the Debrecen-Széchenyi Garden Calvinistic Parish’s one of the several functioned room.

The goal of the community building’s was that to form a group which is got used to each other in the group of the attended people, with a little help, they can set out on the path to becoming a community. In the first part of the event following the name learning games, acquaintance games the youngsters are participated in different practices, between those vigorous and interested youngsters the moderators had to work also with the less motivated people.

After the games the program has been changed and a little conversation and common thinking started between the attended participants, who are discussed why a good community is important, what comes to their mind about the community. There was a large overlap between the responses: more of them are used the interests, the good mood, the force and the togetherness keywords, which they think these are important criteria can be. The flipchart table which was used for this was filled up fast with a lot of useful terms, which they kept in focus for themselves and they can earn their purpose and they can build up to a real community.

According to the participants’ feedback they felt well themselves, they got richer during the program and they have initialised further intention to cooperate with the Centre Youth Association’s co-workers.


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