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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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City Student Forum in Karcag

On 28 th of September in the organize of the KVDÖK and our Association the Karcag City Student Forum have been organized once again.

The purpose of the event was, to the city student governments’ leaders could get opportunity to the acquaintance, information and experience exchanges, which is so important in the future effective cooperation. To the event 25 youngsters came from 6 schools, where in addition to the acquainting, introducing of the Centre Youth Association and the KVDÖK’s activities and leadership members there were introducing a lot of programs which are useful for the students. For example, the SEL (which event is considering the primary school students’ social and emotional development as an important part of the school education), there were words about the ESC volunteering, about the #standforsomething project of the European Union, which calls for the youth about important questions and about the future of Europe.

On the occasion of the VDF leadership member election too, so the Karcag City Student Government have broadened with some new members.

The professional part was closed with a pizza lunch, which was followed by some acquaintance games some unconstrained discussion.


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