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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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Poland – Open Café Training

Between October 4-8 were organize the Open Café training in Rzeszów, in Poland. From the Association four people participated in the training, the same number came from Spain and Portugal. From the Polish organization, the INPRO the vice-president of the Association and three other international volunteers were present.

During this one week every country had to hold two Open Cafés, which were evaluated by the participants after that and they gave useful advice by this help each other, to be the future lecture better and better and to have more content in it. The Hungarian team have given to the first Open Café the title “First Impressions”, then the second occasion’s title was the Cultural Differences. According to the feedbacks both of the events went successfully, which they would like to hold in Debrecen too. In addition to the new information the friendly relationships making couldn’t missing. On the first that people sat donw to eat the lunch based on countries, but at the last breakfast the participants are said goodbye to each other as a team.


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