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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

In the centre on the Foreign Exchange too

On October 14 2021. the DEHÖK University Student Foreign Affairs Committee organized with the 23th time the Foreign Exchange on the University of Debrecen’s first floor hall.

The palette of the international opportunities sticks to its traditions the Centre Youth Association expanded it with their presence, in representation of it the participating co-workers informed the viewers, interested people. The event was visited by foreign students in the bigger part but they could meet with some Hungarian speaker youngster too.

More from them the eyes were gleamed up to the international opportunities and they were applied for more information enthusiastically in connection with the European Solidarity Corps projects. The local volunteering was also popular, which was especially popular among the foreign students also there were words about the initiative called the Open Café too, which starts in October under the managing of the Centre Youth Association.

The Foreign Exchange spent in a pleasant mood, we could get know a lot of new faces, which according to the feedbacks meant useful for the Association’s workers either for the visitors side.


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