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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Bálgea Jánosné

We did an interview with one of the Snail Awarded Mother of the Year awarded by our Association who’s 3 children also work at the Centre. In the interview with Bálega Jánosné we can see that, how a parent sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

1. When and how did you get in touch with the Association?
For the first time I got in touch with the Association in 2007-2008. At the time they didn’t have a youth office, so there were cases like when at us they held meetings at home. I liked those times because I could cook for them several times.

2. What programs did you take part in it?
I have taken my part in several events. I helped to the team two times on an event where more than a hundred mails, posters we put in envelopes. I was on a couple of trips with the little team in Vienna and München. I were on garbage collection too, on a lot of balls, I could participate in a gala too. I loved the galas because in these cases there were among the performers cute kids who are touched my heart.

3. Which was your dearest experience in connection with the Association?
Perhaps that moment when I got the Snail Award it was a huge honor for me.

4. Which was your funniest experience in connection with the Association?
Fortunately, there were more of these. One was one of the garbage collection actions, when we collected the garbage and we saw more and more interesting things after that a wart got on my nose. Also, another funny moment was that when on one of the galas one performer asked from me that “Am I a leadership member in the Association too?” to this I just answered that “No I’m one of the leaders’ mothers”.

5. What was your proudest moment in connection with the association?
I’m proud of that too when I got it but I was prouder when my daughter got the award. Which is interesting is she got the award with me in the same year and on the same event which was wonderful.

6. How and where the news hit you when you got know that you had become a snail winner?
The giving ceremony was built into a gala night’s show in 2010. The Gala night was implemented in the Train station’s conference room, so I could take the award in a beautiful and ornate environment.

7. What kind of connection are your kids in with the Association?
All three of my children have connection to the Centre. One of my children is a driver, my other two kids are county leaders in 1-1 counties.

8. How have your children developed through the association?
I think all of my children are developed a lot. In their speaking ability for sure. Out of this all of them are invents themselves easily and they could learn the event organising.

9. You were motivated by your child or you motivated your child?
This was variable in each case. Back and forth when who motivated who.

10. What the Snail Prize symbolises for you?
If I look on my prize, the pride always gets me that foreign people are appreciated my work. That shows me that I was a good community worker and, in that year, I did a lot of things and I got a lot of experiences.

11. Do you consider the Association’s work useful? And if yes why?
Absolutely. The older and today’s youngsters sometimes reckless honor for the exceptions, the Centre Youth Association deals with them, they give a lot of opportunities for them in the development and these youngsters maybe thrive easier in the big world in their adult ages.

12. If you have to recommend the Association for other parents, youngsters what would you say?
This is a youthful and kind place, where their children can improve themselves a lot. They can get new friends and they can be a member of the community. They are dealing with a lot of things which can interest the youngsters.

13. Do you think it is useful to do volunteering during school studies?
Absolutely, because the volunteering can also incentive to the school studies.

14. What do you think what thing the people can be motivated by to the volunteering?
Show the good experiences, tell that, what waits for them and if they know that what they can expect to, maybe they start to do this easier.


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