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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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Career guidance occasion in the Dózsa György Primary School in Debrecen

One of the co-workers of the The Centre Youth Association, also one of the ESC volunteers before the autumn break are visited the Dózsa György Primary School in the framework of a career guidance day where they held a little occasion for the fifth-grade students.

That day’s topic were the jobs/ professions. When they arrived to the school the teacher welcomed them nicely. Then she drove them to a little gym then she brought her fifth-grade students. After they arrived, they sat down in a circle and the occasion has begun which started with an introduction circle. Following this the “big question” got in foreground, so what they would like to be, when they will be adults. Here the answers were various more of the boys are chose theirs’ fathers’ profession the girls would like to try out themselves as adults in the medication and beauty.

Following this the day was continued with the Financial Taboo boardgame. The game has started with formulating two teams. in the beginning they applied to the task shyly, which was that, they had to write around words in that way to the team mates could find out. In the end they got into the task deftly and they liked it a lot. After break new exciting games came up in the topic of professions. One of the games that was also known by the little students was the game I Came from America where they had to introduce professions and the others had to find out which one is that. They were surprisingly good they found out the professions fast. After that a new game came, where they had to get into small groups everybody got a post it sticked to their forehead, which to professions were wrote up and they had to figure out that. The students are also enjoyed this game furiously went the race among them.
At the end as feedback, they had to answer to some questions in the way they changed their seats.

In summary they could tell that everybody enjoyed themselves very well and they learnt new things in this occasion too. As a farewell, the class treated them with a bar of chocolate, which they were happy for and they said thank you they told goodbye to each other.


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