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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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A sunny autumn acorn collecting

On 19 th of October on Tuesday, on a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon an ESC volunteer and some young students helped to collect acorn for the Nyírerdő Zft.

The volunteers are gathered in the tram stop of Doberdó street and they waited curiously that what will be on the acorn collecting. When the team have gathered the little team, they have gone to the Nyírerdő Zrt.’s building where two co-workers waited for them already. They gave a little briefing to the youngsters on where to go and what to collect the acorns for.

After they told the useful information they set off together into the woods. Meanwhile they had conversations pleasantly and enjoyed the beauty of the nature. When they arrived to the woods, they have divided to teams so they could successfully collect the acorns in two places in the same time. There weren’t a lot under the trees, but the students persistently searched and they had fun, they talked good in the quietness of the woods. Although there wasn’t enough crop but everybody liked the program, they enjoyed themselves very well and they were glad about they could spend the time usefully.

If you would like to do volunteering in Debrecen or complete the School Community Service’s 50 hours, contact us with confidence on the email address, on the 0630/718-8645 phone number or on our Instagram, Facebook page.


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