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In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Petronella Kocsis

We did an interview with one of the former youth leaders, Petronella Kocsis. In the interview with Petronella, we can get a little deeper insight to the experiences given by the student government, also we could get know how a student government youngster sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

1. When did you joined to the Association?
I have joined to the Association in 24 th January 2018 at this time I became the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Government’s program coordinator, then after 2 weeks its president. I remember to these dates exactly, because these are very important for me.

2. How did you get in touch with the Association?
In secondary school’s 10 th grade my student government coordinator teacher recommended me the JNSZDÖK, also told me there will be a General Assembly in January, where they choose new member into the management. I sent my application, then I participated in the general assembly and then I could go home as a JNSZDÖK board member. Although everything was new for me but the peoples’ openness and helpfulness kept me, also the whole atmosphere.

3. Which film would you compare to your years at the association?
The first which came to my mind is the High School Musical. For several reasons, but the main thing is this was my childhood’s most definitive movie and parallelly with it the years which I spent at the Association is are the most decisive years. The other is that it consists of 3 parts and I also spent 3 years at the Association. If I have to choose a character from the film, who I can identify myself would be Gabriella, because at first, I was a bit lost in the Association either her in a new school. I got a lot of new friends during these years and we were happy to each other’s successes, but we were there for each other in sadness like in the movie. The dances are the same, but not that professionally I could be a member of a really good community, and I would wish this kind of community for everybody. The end of the movie is looks like the similar to my life, according to Gabriella she got into a University farer, as like my little Association years are finished with this, but I think back to these with warm heart, also I get back to the Association.

4. What was the biggest challenge during your “work” in the association?
There were more challenges during the years. I have stepped out of my comfort zone a lot of times, which I don’t regret, because I couldn’t learn, experience many things. But in spite of that, to tell 2 concrete examples. First, as the president of the JNSZDÖK for me always was a challenge to be with the others good friends and co-workers either. To have the place of the jokes and party, but if there is any important thing then everybody could concentrate to that. At the beginning it went harder, but as the team got used to each other I think we have fulfilled it. My second biggest challenge was that, when I became a co-worker form a youth leader. To me it was a big challenge spiritually either professionally. Because being a co-worker is a bigger responsibility, and it comes with far more things professionally, either as a human. But I think that I could fight down this obstacle too, but it couldn’t be possible without those people who are accompanied me through my way.

5. Which event you liked the most and why?
I loved the outdoor the most either from participant and organiser perspective. I have learnt a lot from it. As a participant I have learnt that what I consider as natural for example there is the water, food, not that natural and thanks to our creativity we could get them. Because we had 1 simple phone, with we couldn’t use for a lot of things, but I have learnt that it is not necessary to check the phone map immediately in a foreign location, but also there are people who we can ask about it. Which is more important I have learnt a lot about teamwork, the tolerance the conflict management, problem solving and how important is to care and listen to each other. As an organiser it was absolutely interesting to see the “other side”. It was interesting to see 1-1 conflict situation form outside, also that what an enthusiasm the teams are went on after 1 successful station.

6. What or who was with the biggest impact on you during your work? Why?
With the biggest impact on me were my 2 mentors, who tought me that how I can be a good president, how I can handle my conflicts and these helped my personality development. Those who were with big impact on me was my DÖK coordinator, because she accompanied my way almost to the end and I could ask for help all the time and herded me on the good way. But no matter how incredible almost everyone, who I had the opportunity talk with, or get closer to them, I could learn and take out a little piece for travel. A lot of characteristic thought, good advice reminded until today from these people.

7. Which is the first word about the Centre Youth Association which comes to your mind? Why?
Family. Because as a youth leader, as a co-worker I could go to somebody professionally either personal life. We could count on each other and we supported each other.

8. What is the program / event / or moment you are most proud of?
I’m the proudest of the “Csillagok alatt Megyei Diákbál” (County Student Ball under the Stars) which we organised in Szolnok on 22th February 2020. For me was a big dream to organise, implement a ball and I was very happy to that it became a joint dream which we implemented together. Even during the organization, we did not feel tired and endured to the end with a lot of school responsibilities, not to mention that the three of us were graduates at the time. On the night of the ball was a very good to see on our student mates dressed in beautiful cloths how good they enjoyed themselves. It was a huge experience for me that when with the management opened the night with a nice waltz. It stays for me this ball a forever life memory, because we held something lasting, we have created a tradition.

9. What have you learned at the Association and been able to apply it to other parts of life?
I have gained a lot of knowledge through the Association which for in the school it couldn’t be possible. My communication skill developed a lot, my problem-solving skill, I learnt how to debate, to argue correctly, I learnt work in team effectively, and the upcoming things with the project management. I think that, these in the life can come good and in particular, I make continuous use of these. But which I would emphasise that the Association showed me a world which I got love in with totally and I decided it at that time, I would deal with it in the future. I have followed and will follow this path, as I am currently studying community organization at Eötvös Loránd University.

10. What motivated you during your work?
2 things motivated me: one of these are the the team and that love which surrounded me, also that I like to create lasting things, I love to perform for people, this is my main motivational strength.

11. If you could change something from your Association years, what it would be?
To be honest I wouldn’t change nothing. I think everything has a reason and everything has its own time. If bad thing happened with me, I could learn from all of them and it was a good lecture for me, the good things I storage forever in mean I think back to those with smile on my face.

12. What superpower could come useful for you to have an easier life in the Association for you?
The teleportation in any case, also to be at 2 places in one time very often those would have come in handy.

13. You have participated in many trainings, do you have this favorite game, practice, task?
I have a lot of favourite games I really love the “pizza cook”, “unfold” energizers. I really like the angel, when I could be somebody’s angel through a whole training, it was very exciting. My favourite practice and in one the most enduring was the matches practice, when we had 3 matches and we had to give to those 3 people these matches, who got the most from, stays to us the closest. It’s a terribly hard practice, mostly in a company where I would give to everybody, but I think it’s a very important practice too, how much we can appreciate our relationships and honestly confess this to each other’s eyes.

14. How did you change the most compared to your pre-association self?
In my stand, it’s not a difficult thing for now to speak in front of a lot of people, also developed in my communication skills and to stand up for my opinion.

15. You received a Snail Prize too. How does it feel? Did you guessed that you will get one?
In 2018, I received the Volunteer of the Year Snail Award. I didn’t count on that, because I’m always critic with myself and I thought that I didn’t earn that number of things that time to get it. Because if this it was a very good and emphasising feeling, because it was absolutely positive feedback for me, about I do something good and I give something to the people.

16. If you have to recommend the Association to somebody, what would you say?
I would say that if he/her would like to be a member of a supporting community, who he/she can count on every time, in the way he/she can develop their self in different parts of life and if their loves to travel experience new things then he/she has the place in the Association.

17. What do you think, how the today’s youth could be motivated to join such a community?
I think its very important to see it, this community how cohesive and how good to be one of them. Even introduce good examples that people who are learnt in the Association with the experienced things, what they can achieve in life.


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