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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Anett Fórizs

We did an interview with one of the former youth leaders, Anett Fórizs. In the interview with Anett, we can get a little deeper insight to the experiences given by the student government, also we could get know how a student government youngster sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

1. When did you joined to the Association?
In the beginning of 2017 January

2. How did you get in touch with the Association?
I got in touch with the Association through a very good friend of mine. Who I have a very good connection with still now, by the way we have born on the same day.

3. Which music you would compare the years you spent at the Association?
Honestly, during this 4 and a half year what I spent here there were a lot of music which is references in a small piece of sentence too, because of this I can’t choose truly. But if I have to choose one then my choice would be the Pál utcai Fiúk- Mi vagyunk a Grund.

4. What was the biggest challenge during your Association work?
The biggest challenge maybe was that to try not to befit to others just to myself. They accept that when there is a thing when we can’t do something, or do it as we planned. I don’t like to make people disappointed either myself. Maybe this was too hard for me to accept there is in life like this. There were several times when in missing of communication there weren’t consistency and this made the work harder. But we could overcome quickly on it.

5. Which event you liked the most and why?
If I have to tell that kind of event which we did then of course the MEDVE would be. But if I have to tell Association events then in any cases I would say those trainings which I developed by myself.

6. What or who were the biggest effect on you during your work? Why?
When I run through the questions at first this was where my eyes stuck. I knew immediately that here I will be in hard situation for sure, they just because of that I’m grateful to everybody (and there weren’t a few) who are accompanied me to the end of road, supported me. Its hard just because of that too, because I had four mentors, and I could learn a lot from all of them, but all of them are different that’s what I needed. I will cheat a bit, but I can’t tell only that one person or something to choose. I was very impressed by one of my best friends who was even my coordinator. We've always told each other we're the same, right Viru? With the biggest impact only one person was, she was that who saw on me there is something wrong she came immediately, who gave me the best advices and there were any problems not just but everybody could go if they had any problem bad things. She is none other than Timi Árva.

7. What is the first word, which comes to your mind about the Centre? Why?
Opportunity. If there is no Centre Youth Association and I don’t get in touch with them, then I’m sure about that I don’t get to those places where I ever got to with the Centre.

8. What is that program / event / or moment you are the proudest of?
If I think about it well, then I think the MEDVE which I’m the proudest of. I was very proud of the team at the time, to that I could lead those sections with my mate.

9. What have you learned at the Association and been able to use in other areas of life?
12 social and lifestyle competencies were very useful for me and will be. Of course that is there is 100 solutions to everything!

10. What motivated you during your work?
That to we could implement more things, to help to the people.

11. If you could do back form the time period of the Association what it would be?
I wouldn’t change anything because everything had to happen in that way, how it happened.

12. What kind of super ability would have come in handy for you to make your life in the Association easier?
That, I could see inside people’s minds, because not in every cases they are saying what they are thinking.

13. You have participated in many trainings, do you have a favorite game, practice, task?
Indeed, I had my parts in a lot of tasks, I can’t choose for sure, but my one of my very favourite is the Bum-Chica-bum.

14. What did you change in the most compared to your pre-association self?
I got far more self-confidence, my communication got better. Long time ago I was more sensitive, I got scared from everything. Today I’m braver I don’t fear from the things.

15. You've already received a Snail Award. What it feels like? Did you guess you were going to get one?
Thank you very much again for your trust and recognition. To my first Snail I wasn’t expecting, it was a very very good feeling for me. At the second I guessed it a bit, but I am/were prouder of that.

16. If you have to recommend the Association to someone, what would you say?
Come, it will be good! And look there it became good! Jokes aside, I would say, this organization gave me a lot. I have met with a lot of people, I got know new cultures, I gathered new abilities which I can use for my life too. With one word here the people are getting adult!

17. How do you think today’s youth could be motivated to join such a community?
This always were a hard question. I think every people who are in in this whole thing should bring another person, after all that’s how I got here.


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