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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Ibolya Imru

We did an interview with one of the Snail Awarded Mother of the Year awarded by our Association who’s child works at the Centre Youth Association. In the interview with Ibolya we can see that, how a parent sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

1. When and how did you get in touch with the Association?
My child applicated in 2018. January to the Association as a volunteer, so by him I acquainted with the Association, which is stands since that continuously.

2. What programs did you take part in it?
Most of the times, I had part in help giving with my car to help different programs (for example: Panyola outdoor training, KDT, Tirpák Festival etc.) in transport of materials, tools, passenger transport until the waste is disposed of from the office.

3. Which was your dearest experience in connection with the Association?
Truly all of experiences are very nice for me. It was a very good feeling help in anything anytime. Whatever program I had the opportunity to take part in, the cheerfulness, laxity and cheerfulness of the young people always had a positive effect on me.

4. Which was your funniest experience in connection with the Association?
The closing day of one of the Panyola Outdoors following Panyola Festival on the next days’ morning I have arrived a bit earlier in the helping of travel to home. At the time I had the fortune to look through on the youngsters, how they are preparing, packing to home, but they didn’t have that spirit in them for that, they wanted to stay. The building down of the tents went slower for sure than in the beginning it standing up. As they usually say 1 step forward 2 steps back, they went. But their fun was sticky, I have laughed a lot there too.

5. What was your proudest moment in connection with the association?
Of course, my proudest moment was that when we got our Snail Prizes with my son together.

6. How and where the news hit you when you got know that you had become a snail winner?
I got a phone call from Árva Tímea during work, I thought she is looking for me because of some help need, but I was surprised when she said the news. Then I got an invitation to the Snail Prize awards giving ceremony. At the time I didn’t know anything about the Snail Prize.

7. What kind of connection are your kids in with the Association?
At the beginning he took part as a volunteer in the works of the Association, currently he strengthens the co-workers numbers there.

8. How have your children developed through the association?
I owe a lot to the Association! My child is only child and divorced parents’ child. Because he doesn’t have siblings, he didn’t have true friends before getting into the Association, so I felt and feel that he found those people, friends who he can count on in good and bad either. Also the events were organise programs (self-awareness training, communication training, camps, etc.) my child got a lot of profit from it, which he can use until today. By the Association he got to a lot of places, where he didn’t since that for example with international train to Transylvania, Bakonybánk, or to Létavértes to the yurt camp etc…

9. You were motivated by your child or you motivated your child?
One of the volunteers motivated him and I supported his decision. It wasn’t easy for him to stand between the school and the life of the Association’s, but it fills me with happiness that it was successfully happened. Since then, I have been supporting and helping not only my child but also the association with my help.

10. What the Snail Prize symbolises for you?
A lot of things coming to my mind when I look on the Snail Prize. Since our relationship with the Association the last years’ events where I participated also, I receive by my child’s participation. The Association works, the programs, events are made a lot of positive changes in my child, with a lot of experiences, along with fluid problem solving.

11. Do you consider the Association’s work useful? And if yes why?
Yes, I consider the Association’s work very useful. I wish them to continue to do their varied, difficult but fruitful work unbroken. I experienced that, a lot of “Köz-Pontos” youngster goes to the Life with that surplus which they aren’t learning in the school.

12. If you have to recommend the Association for other parents, youngsters what would you say?
What could I say? Just good! With the existing of the Association not just the youngsters gets various, pleasant experiences, tasks but the parents too. Unfortunately, nowadays they don’t have opportunities to switch off, have fun, get know the youth in normal frames but in the Association, there is mode and opportunity.

13. Do you think it is useful to do volunteering during school studies?
Yes, the volunteer work is useful. The youngsters just can win with this! In the last period of time there is obligatory to perform for the final exam in secondary school the 50 hours School Community Service, which also would mean volunteer work. But because its obligatory offered task, the students are performing it harder. The volunteering in the Association is a different nature. I think it is much easier and freer for young people to use it and they enjoy and like this kind of work better (there are always exceptions, of course).

14. What do you think what thing the people can be motivated by to the volunteering?
I don’t know really the answer to it. We aren’t the same, the people are motivated by different things. When I first heard from my son about the Association, I had no idea how much extra information, knowledge and experience my child would gain from volunteering. He felt good al the time during his Association work, during he participated in this during the school studies or at the break times he participated. As I mentioned it earlier it wasn’t easy and simple but he went farer with the difficulties, problem solutions. The Association provides to the youngsters that kind of community space, where everybody can find the appropriate interesting, important tasks, resting, entertaining opportunities.


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