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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The HABIDISZ held Halloween party and open staff meeting

In the last week of October in the autumn break the HABIDISZ organised their program called Halloween party with the collaboration of the Telekom Kraftlab.

In the morning, the board members and staff members arrived to the location with great enthusiasm to decorate the place. Better and better creative ideas are implemented for example balloon spider, spider webs, flying bats or the fearsome photo wall.

The event itself started at 15:00, so between the decorating and the program the student government members could have a nap in the framework of an open staff meeting.

The Halloween party made colourful with a lot of creative programs: the management held their greetings then they split everybody up to small groups, where they had to answers some questions with getting know each other they had to answer some questions. Following these two quiz competitions were begin on where the youngsters could compete their knowledge in the topic of Halloween.

Then came the cookie contest; each team was able to taste the cookies to be entered and have to vote by category to see which cookie became the creepiest, the most decorative and the most delicious. Later similar programs were: they could think on the essence of the Black Magic they could play boardgames, they watched nightmare movies, then in the framework of a costume competition everybody introduced themselves what they dressed in.

After they announced the winners of the competition, the management of the HABIDISZ thanked the participation, because on the event 40 people participated.

Also, thank you to Kraftlab for securing the venue!


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