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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We celebrated our Association’s 20th birthday

This year we could live another new Anniversary year, because on 6 th of November 2021, 20 years later in the same month when our Association established, we celebrated our 20 th birthday. This occasion we celebrated with a lot of food, drink, remembering, exhibitions, conversations, with playful and exciting tasks we celebrated in Debrecen in the In the Podium Hall of the Csokonai Literary Laboratory.

The event’s preparation started at 9 o’clock, where the Association’s co-workers and the staff members of the HABIDISZ helped in. They ordered the tables, put the cloths on those, they formed the child corner, prepared the receive of the guests and they created a selfie wall too. Everybody got their own task. Everyone had a job.

The event started at 17 o’clock, where approx. 110 former and current co-worker, student government member, foreign volunteer, partner, parents are participated to remember about this contently 20 years. The event’s two main organisers Tímea Árva and János Bálega opened and managed the event. Following the opening the Association’s current president Attila Zsolt Gyulavári spoke a few welcoming words to the appeared people. Following this the dance which is in the traditions of the Association, current co-workers, student government members and ESC volunteers performed the Grease dance.

The premiere of the remake of the short film about the Association made in 2013 was also realized within the framework of the birthday, where the currently active, working people talks about the Association. This were followed by the games between the tables, raffles, where the lucky ones could win mugs with the 20 th logo of the Association’s, also the participants could listen to the former presidents’ speeches of the Association’s. In order from the first president: Ancsa Reindl, Zsuzsanna Tündik, János Bálega.

In the games between the tables were poem writing with building in the poem specific words, kahoot! quiz about the events of the Association’s activities and year, another test on paper were about the 20 th year Association interviews, in which the task was that to find out who’s answer was the current sentence. At the end everybody got a little card, and if they wanted to, they could write down one of the favourite stories in connection with the Association. Also, a single game was the “stand up to the one for whom it is true”, where a lot of statements could be heard in connection with experiences and with the community.

After nine o’clock the participants had the opportunity to get know each other talk about the old times not at last nurture a relationship with each other in two hours.

Based on the feedbacks and of course by our feelings we can tell that, we have participated, implemented a worthy 20 th birthday ceremony. We hope that not just the 25 th , but we can celebrate the 25 th , 30 th , 40 th birthday either which could be implemented by those babies, who are participated with their parents together.


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