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6 June 2023 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We put out birdfeeders in the Nagyerdő woods

During the winter months several times we visited the Nagyerdő woods where we put out birdfeeders.

It was important for our volunteers in addition to the activities which deals with people give help to the animal world in some way. Because of this we found out that regarding to the cold time period we put out birdfeeders which were created by our volunteers also School Community Service performer students by recycled items. We have filled up the birdfeeders several times, during these occasions we met not just with birds but with squirrels and deer.

We will collect these in March, so if you would like to help us on 19 th Saturday between 12 and 13 they apply on the email address or on the 0630/718-8645 phone number or on our Facebook, Instagram pages.


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