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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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Tons of Escape Rooms in the FACES

On 3 rd of March 2022 a 6 th grader class came to us to our Escape Rooms from the University of Nyíregyháza Eötvös József Practice Primary School and Secondary School.

We have prepared three parallelly running escape rooms for 26 of the primary school students, in the big room from the world of the comic universe of Marvel’s, in the student government’s room they could escape from the magical world of Harry Potter also in the international room they could get out from the Disney escape room with the help of their knowledge about its world.

The youngsters had to perform different tasks in each room under 45 minutes for the escape. Because of the difference in more parts of the escape rooms, after everybody got out or their time to get out expired those who wanted to try out some of the other topics, if not as a full escape room, but they could try out a few tasks in a few minutes, which were in the other escape rooms.

Overall, it can be told, the youngsters are enjoyed a lot the escape rooms and the most of them are got out but there were who just had one or two smaller tasks for the escape.

In the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space everybody has the opportunity to try out our free Escape Rooms in any topics, but there are rooms to choose for those who don’t have that kind of topic which they would like to try for example Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Mysterious Attic etc. Those who would like to participate there is just a thing to do to register previously to the escape room and we will arrange about the date.

If you would like to try out our free escape rooms then apply with your friend’s family or acquaintances on the email address or on the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space facebook page.


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