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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

EYF - European Youth Foundation

In March we have started to work on the European Youth Foundation’s announced tender, which’s administration’s deadline is 1 st of April.

The tender’s topic is the debate, which have a huge popularity in the circle of the Association’s youth.

Currently a running a dispute training in Szolnok and Debrecen, which announced by the Foundation for the Democratic Youth. This is why this tender’s topic is the dispute, because the Association sees that the youth likes and love to participate on these events, by the way they can profit by this non-formal education’s tool a lot.

In the tender all of the counties will be affected, there will be different level of measurements, city, county then competition among counties. Prior to all this, all of those interested people can take part in a 5-day preparatory training.

We hope that the tender will be accepted, and in the middle of the summer they can let this program series to its own way.


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