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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Country Youth Forum

On 26 th of March on Saturday was organised the V. Country Youth Forum, organised by the National Youth Council.

We could participate on a whole day long event, where to young people came from different parts of the country from city/county student governments. Among others people appeared from Cegléd, Tata and Szombathely. From the Association all of the three counties were delegates there. From the SZSZBGYIÖK two newly elected management members represented the student government, either from the HABIDISZ from the new management were a few participated in the Youth Forum, From the JNSZDÖK three staff members were there, who are introduced the student government bravely.

It was a very meaningful day, where the participants could build relationships with student government members from other cities. This event was great for the experience exchange either.

At the end of the day everybody got richer with 1-2 new ideas, which can be useful to make their own student government better in the future.


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