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6 June 2023 (tuesday)

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Country Student Meeting In Tata

The Pro Dotis Association of Tata, Municipality of Tata City, Student-Self Government of Tata City (TAVIDÖK) organised the first Country Student Meeting between 21-24 of April. To the implementation of the meeting our Association given help for.

The arrived youths’ settlements and schools could draw on the map from Debrecen to Sárvár. The meeting got the Up to Project subtitle. It depended on the students’ creativity what ideas they conjure to project, also in addition to this process they learn the task of the project planning.

On the opening József Michl major of Tata, Balázs Rigó, responsible for youth vice-mayor of Tata, Tibor Borsó, Vice-Chairman of the General Assembly of Komárom-Esztergom County and Lőrincz Anita the president of the Pro Dotis Association’s welcome the youth. Zorka Hadobás the student of the Peron Talent Centre’s enchanted the students with singing.

In 2022 in the European Year of Youth’s gave the opportunity to organise the Country Student Meeting. City of Tata was the host of the four days long event for the first time between 21th and 24 th of April 2022. On the first day the guests could get know Tata’s sights. They have visited the Eszterházy Castle, the Museum of Kuny Domokos, also they have travelled through the city of the waters. They have spent the night in the Peron Talent Centre, where István Cserteg showed the youngsters newst favourite institute.

This meeting’s main purpose to provide for the youngsters with those practice knowledges, which will enable them to implement well-founded and vibrant youth projects in their home communities.

In the program there were the HEXATLON game, which had born a few years ago in Tata with the cooperation of Patrik Esztergályos. Koncerts, community development and joyful escape rooms characterised the meeting’s days.

On the opening József Michl, Tata City’s major encouraged the youngsters to dream good community projects, programs during these days. Those like the youngsters can feel comfy and bring our joint values from generation to generation.

Tibor Borsó Komárom-Esztergom County General Assembly Vice-President drew the attention to the good practices and learning from each
other. Create in community, bring community values will be important in the future either.

Anita Lőrincz the president of the Pro Dotis Association welcomed the youngsters with that Tata city is loveable. In this the Pro Dotis Association undertook that with its partners to the youngsters could feel good themselves.


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