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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

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Escape rooms on the student day on Fehérgyarmat school

You can try out our escape rooms not just in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space, but we settle out with these for example to students’ days in any kind of schools in the county. On 13 th of April, we brought two escape room topics to the Deák Ferenc Primary, Secondary School and Dorm.

On 13 th of April 2022 on the students’ day before the spring break we brought two escape room topics after a prior consultation to the Deák Ferenc Primary, Secondary School and Dorm.

In the MARVEL-themed escape room, young people were able to get out from the room with their knowledge of the films of the comic book universe, where they had to collect the 6 infinity stones by this, they could defeat the prime evil, Thanos. In the Secret Attic escape room, the closed youngsters had to find out the reason of a scientist’s death.

In both rooms 40 minutes were able for the youngsters, where in the most of the cases the teams got out. Who successfully escaped even got a certificate about it. Also, a card called agent card, which they are participate with in our Escape room system. Which meaning is if they try out 5 of our escape rooms, then they can participate in a giveaway.

Everybody enjoyed a lot the rooms and they worked very actively for the success the teams containing maximally 15 people. If you would like to try out our rooms with your friends, acquaints, family, apply on the email address or on the facebook page of the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space. Participation fee is 500ft / person. Following prior consultation, we can implement it 1 week later. You can check our topics on our facebook page, or based on consultation we organise any kind of escape rooms.


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