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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

This year we helped in the implementation of the Nagyerdő Field Marathon

On 8 th of May, on Sunday got organised the spring run of the 2022 Nagyerdő Field Marathon.

The volunteers of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program are helping since years in the implementation of the competition, so this year couldn’t go the same.
On Sunday our youngsters are started at 7 am the work in the morning: they gave the starter packs which were prepared on Friday to the registering competitors, also they prepared the running medals. After they registered everybody and all of the runners are started, our helpers went to the designated refresher points, where they provided liquid and fruits to the competitors. Some of them are helped in the briefing, because the route was long. Meantime parallelly our volunteers at the starting point gave to the incoming runners the well-deserved water, croissant and running medal.

We helped the organizers of the terrain marathon with many, many things, to whom we thank you again for the opportunity, we felt ourselves very well and we hope that we can help on the autumn running.


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