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7 June 2023 (wednesday)

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Escape rooms in the FACEs

On May 9 th we held two escape rooms at the same time for the 4 th class students of the St. Miklós Greek Catholic Primary School.

On the event 23 kids participated form the 4.A class. One of the rooms’ topic was the movie universe of Marvel’s. Which’s purpose is they have to find the 6 infinity stones, then build the infinity gauntlet. By this they can defeat the prime evil Thanos. Then they could get out from the room.

The other room was our Disney escape room which’s story is people kidnaped Mickey mouse and his friends and the participants’ task is t free the fairy tale heroes and find out who have kidnaped them. Between the two rooms the students were divided to equal numbers. Both from the escape rooms got out in the given time 1 hour and they successfully fulfilled the rooms.

As a prize everybody got a certificate about the success also an agent card, which on a sticker mark that they tried out the current escape room. If somebody tries out 5 of our rooms their can participate in a giveaway.

If you would like to try out our escape rooms apply on the email address or on the facebook page of the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space. Following consultation we can undertake the implementation earliest a week later.


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