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5 December 2022 (monday)

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Motivational training weekend in April in the FACEs

We implemented training weekend either in April in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space, which’s subject was the motivation.

In the absence of applications, the training implemented only on Saturday, so it wasn’t two days long like our first occasion in February. Nonetheless it proved as a great training.

On the training the youngsters could get know different sides of the motivation its concept, how its possible to get motivation, possibly lose of it. Among the tasks there where 4 corner debate in the framework of this the youngsters could tell their opinion about different statements. Also they could get closer to the definition of motivation with several group tasks for example in mini World Café where they collected information in three topics in connection with the motivation, also they could build up their own priority order what are those things which motivates them.

Getting closer to the end of the training in the framework of a motivational theatre showed different kind of situations, which cases could be that where its needed to motivate the other person. We closed the training with the briefing of the SMART goals, also with some scientists’ motivational theories and we recommended them if they would get more knowledge in connection of the topic.

The forthcoming training will be in May in the self-knowledge subject, you can apply to it at our colleage Gábor Berecz at the email address or on the +36 30 277 9266 phone number until 17 th of May midnight.


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