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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Our II. Amateur Table Tennis Championship got organised

On 6 th of May the Amateur Table Tennis Championship got organised for the second time in our youth office, where 12 beginner/hobby/amateur level young player could try their knowledge on two tables either.

The players could play in two groups then the first two people from the groups played in the semi-finals, then for the placements.

Our first three placed:
I. Tamás Nemes
II. Máté Lisovszki
III. Márk Korláth

Also, we would thank for the support of our sponsors, with this in addition to the medals and certificates we could give as gifts valuable prizes our players on placements. Our sponsors:
Cutler Gym Nyíregyháza
Joma Shop Nyíregyháza
Kállay Collection Museum
Licsi delicatessen

The next championship is among our plans, follow our pages because of the program, we are waiting everybody with much love for the next occasion either!


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