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26 June 2022 (sunday)

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Europe Day in Szolnok

On 7 th of May was organised the Europe day on the Kossuth square by the Europe Direct of Szolnok.

In the early morning the kids took possession the free bouncy castle, which had a huge popularity in the circle of the elementary school students. Simultaneously with it the visitors could discover among the stands Europe and in it those many-many curiosities, meantime young talents have changed each other on the stage and impressed the great audience with their production.

On the stage by the request of our Association firstly the BrokenMirror(s) band stepped on the stage and after a fantastic musical repertoire Ferenc Gráncsa the Association’s ESC volunteer sang, as closing Szilárd Fodor the Association’s former volunteer played on guitar in finger style. On the Europe Day celebration the Association and the JNSZDÖK settled out where the student government was represented by the vice president and the foreign connections coordinator.

To the youth leaders and ESC volunteer from Transylvania our Italian volunteer joined either, who performs her project in Debrecen. They entertained the visitors with creative games.


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