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26 June 2022 (sunday)

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Extraordinary general meeting of May in Nyíregyháza

The extraordinary general meeting of May was organised on 17.05.2022 in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space where the county’s schools’ students participated very carefully and actively.

The Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County (SZSZBGYIÖK) introduced itself, its results and purposes. The participants could get know what opportunities and space the Centre Youth Association can provide for the youth. The SZSZBGYIÖK’s 6 th management member got elected, who to we would graduate again: Krisztián Koscsó – SZC Bánki Donát Vocational School and Dorm of Nyíregyháza.

After this in groupwork they could discuss a lot of interesting suggestions for example what exactly interests today’s youth in a program, what motivations they have, what are the advantages and changeable things of a student government or how they get out their part from the teamwork.


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