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26 June 2022 (sunday)

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Volunteer management training in Nyíregyháza

On May 18 was implemented the Volunteer management training in Nyíregyháza.

We waited for the program delegates of civil organizations, social institutes and secondary schools. The purpose of the event was to the participants could get more knowledge in the topic of the School Community Service or to refresh their knowledge. Share information with each other and with our Association also to get know new methods in subjects like the preparation before IKSZ activity, or the evaluation at the end of the activities.

On the training there were part about the law background of the School Community Service about its framework, about the administration work of the host organizations, also upcoming problems of the schools or the organizations and about these problems’ possible solutions.

On the event 14 people participated, civilian organization’s delegates also teachers who weren’t came only from Nyíregyháza but for example from Mátészalka either.


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