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26 June 2022 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Our volunteers helped the International Nordic Walking event in Debrecen

In the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program our volunteers and the School Community Service performer students helped in the implementation of the event on May 21.

Volunteers prepared in advance with two field visits walked through the race track and we found everyone’s place, where they have to stay during the race and write up every information also irregularity.

On the event the competitors made distances 5, 10 and 20 km, with Nordic walking sticks, so on every observer points our helpers wrote up the start numbers and the times either.

After the race we collected the garbage and we had lunch together. On 22 Sunday we helped in the packing of the program supplies which made more colourful the event at the stadium.

Earlier we helped several times in the implementation of the Nagyerdei Field Marathon also we organise the County Sports Days in every year. So, it was interesting to help in a new, other kind of sport event.

If you would like to do volunteering or perform School Community Service, then look for us boldy on the email address or on the 0630/718-8645 phone number or on our Facebook, Instagram pages.


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