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26 June 2022 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Closing event in Püspökladány organized by AKE

The Alternative Communities Association has been organizing their project for more than 4 years, with the aim of helping to strengthen the Non Governmental Organizations of the Northern Great Plain Region through its announced tenders.

This program was closed in May 2022, all as part of a 2-day event. Representatives of the supported organizations were also invited to the weekend. It means that we, the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, also took part in this event. During the event, there was an opportunity for the Non-Governmental Organizations to form relationships with each other, to learn from each other, to evaluate the past years, but there was even time for a little celebration. But in addition to these, we also had the opportunity to win a final tender application.


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