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26 June 2022 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The Youth220! program has begun

In May 2022, the National Youth Council launched its long-organized training with the title “Youth 220! We'll shake it!”.

The purpose of the program is to give help to professionals who working with young people, new knowledge to do their work more efficiently and successfully. In addition to it would bring closer to each other the whole country’s professionals and organisations who are dealing with youth in the reason of easier collaboration, help each other, to transfer experiences to each other.

The course ends with an exam in Debrecen. Until that we participate several times in theoretical education, during that we get practice knowledge.

The first occasion was organised on May 19 in Budapest. The first day was about mostly the acquaintance and team building in addition to it we could get more information about the NIT.

Participants came from different organizations and parts of the country. The Centre Youth Association was represented by our DÖK coordinators, county leaders and county coordinators.


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