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Interview with Karolina Gudor

We made an interview with Karolina Gudor who will begin her European Solidarity Corps service through our Association in Germany.

1. Where did you hear about the European Solidarity Corps?
I heard about it through the Centre Youth Association because this organisation is participating in the program as a host organisation. And when I volunteered as a student government member at them, I met with international volunteers.

2. Why did you decide to take part in an ESC project?
I heard a lot of stories from the volunteers about how many experiences they get so I wanted to try it out either. By the way I like to travel and get know new people and this program is excellent for this.

3. What kind of project you choose? Why did you choose that country and organisation where you will go?
The official name of the project is “Volunteering in high school - Salvatorkolleg”. Essentially its like I would do student government things there either because I have to organise programs to students. The project will happen in a small German city in Bad Wurzach. I choose Germany because I have learnt German language so I feel closer the culture to myself.

4. What are you expect from your project?
I didn’t really think about it yet, but which firstly comes to my mind are the students. I would help to them not by just programs, but in their everyday life because in the framework of the project we can help them in afternoon occasions in their studies.

5. What extents are you aware of the ESC system, sending, hosting organizations, youth pass?
In the Centre I heard a lot about ESC already also from volunteers both from co-workers. The Association as a sending organisation helped me to find and choose the best project for me.

6. Do you already know someone or have you talked to someone about the place you are going to work?
Yes, through my interview I have talked with my coordinator there and approximately he sends me email on every week how the project is going. Unfortunately, I haven’t spoken with my living mate yet.

7. Do you have premade purposes and if yes what are those?
As I said firstly the helping of the student’s every day is the main purpose and to complete the project in the best way I can. My personal purpose is to get a lot of experiences.

8. Are there any places you would like to reach in the country during the project?
In Germany there are many natural and historical places which are I think must to see. But I would get to Berlin, München, and Leipzig. I don't think it's out of the question to explore the Alps.

9. What will you be satisfied when your project ends?
If I can do the project all the way through. So far, I haven’t been to a totally foreign country alone for 1 year, so it will be a great challenge for me.

10. What would you tell to your future self before the project?
Have endurance, collect a lot of experiences, get know new people and don’t forget: everybody is just a phone call away.


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