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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Outdoor training was organised in this year either

Between 1 st and 4 th of August in 2022 the Outdoor Training of Panyola was organised for youth leaders with a lot of challenges, surprises where the main purpose was that to trust themselves and in each other too.

On the first day the main role was the acquainting by playful games among the organisers and the participants, also get know the environment.

On the next day the 25 hours long challenge had been started. This year’s outdoor topic was the world of the Greek Gods which gave a lot of opportunities to find out quality tasks also by the teams to solve those.

During the outdoor game, the 5 teams depended on themselves and each other. They had to solve 6 tasks and they had to get food for themselves also an accommodation. All of the teams had a phone which on they had to call the organisers in every hour.

The teams solved their tasks in great harmony and where they got to difficulties, they encouraged each other and accepted and evaluated that they couldn’t solve that task but they went along as they will have to do in countless times in the life. Of course, after the great contest the celebration and evaluation couldn’t miss.


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