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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We prepared with handcrafting activity for the cared ones of the BTESZ Day Care Institution of Addicts on 9 th and 11 th of August

We collected the papers and other tools from our office then we met with the volunteers with those we went to the venue where the participants waited for us with much love. We made colourful flowers by papers.

The flower got created in the way we coated the loop stick by the crepe paper, then we cut colourful paper into stripes. We rolled the stripes with the help of the loop stick then we glued it on to the stick coated with green crepe paper.

The session was very exciting, reminded us to the approaching flower carnival, so on the occasion an idea also born what kind of occasion we should bring to the next handcrafting activity, which will be in the Szent Matróna Nursing Home (you can read it in the next article).

Neither this activity was without laugh, the cared ones and we had a lot of fun during the occasion.


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