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8 December 2023 (friday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Open Café in Autumn

How an autumn season could start? Not with just the school but with Open Café which opened the gate for those interested young people who likes to speak about interesting topics.

The Autumn Open Café series has 3 suitable programs. To these 3 occasions we preparing with a lot of interesting and entertaining games for every participant. Not at last we are dealing with many interesting subjects. From these three occasions the first got implemented which was on 13 th of September. A few interested participants arrived those who weren’t participated ever but there were people who were coming back recently and they went to home with positive experiences all the time. Because the Open Café is that event where it doesn’t count where you came form only that what is your mother tongue. Because this is an occasion like where people are practicing the English language.

The next two occasions will be on September 19 and October 3. We are waiting for everybody.


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