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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We did handcraft in the BTESZ Day Care Institution for Addicts

On 6t of September and 8 th we visited the BTESZ Day Care Institution’s two headquarters.

During the last times more of the cared ones told that they would try out how to do origami so regards to the coming of the autumn we have prepared for it with origami foxes. We have used red and orange papers and during the activity a lot of foxes got created. Based on the feedbacks it wasn’t an easy task but they enjoyed it a lot and they would like to create similar things like this.

In October we will visit them between 18 th and 20 th and we will create decorations for Halloween. For more information write us an email to the and call on the 0630/718-8645 phone number or write on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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