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22 September 2023 (friday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

School year Beginner General meeting in Karcag

On 26. September 2022. the Karcag City Student Self-Government’s school year starter general meeting happened successfully with participation of 8 schools.

At the event, which took place with the participation of nearly thirty students and two teachers, youth leaders were elected to the positions of HR coordinator and program coordinator. Katalin Rácz a 12 th grader student became the HR coordinator of the team. After their application in place Vanessza Seres and Márk Csontos applied to the program coordinator position. The afternoon held surprises for everybody because after the summary of the election two youngster got the same number of votes so they will do the program coordinator tasks. Congratulations to the new KVDÖK board member and we wish good luck to their mandatory.


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