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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Szolnok the city of life-giving communities’

On 6. October 2022 the Szolnok Városfejlesztő Nonprofit Ltd. organised a professional conference for the civil organizations of Szolnok called “Community building safely – The law and professional frames of event organising” where the Centre Youth Organization participated either.

On the high-quality, informative event which implemented by the CLLD SzolnOK a few interesting and informative lectures where the Adapter house got role because as a program part of the CLLD it got renewed which is managed by the Lutheran church. The main role of the Adapter house is to provide location and opportunity to the local communities to meet and to unfold. Between the lectures which lasted until the afternoon could hear about that how and what deeply the knowledge, learning and fun and excitement can connect to each other under the cultural organization work in the lecture by László Puczkó. After that Dr. Sándor Nagy Tarjáni lawyer talked about the data protection law and about the inside GDPR role’s importance about the smooth and trouble-free work. Following this Ágnes Göncző’s useful guide about the online platforms in the world of marketing. But there were words about the festival which is controlled by the disaster defence also about bigger events frames and rules too.

Following the tons of questions a small closing happened, after which the guests went home with a lot of answers and information and a lot of positive values.


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