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5 December 2022 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Students of Apáczai school could try out a new escape room

On October 13. one of a Apáczai Csere János Primary School and AMI’s class came to us to the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space a horror escape room occasion which they could try out for the first time.

Our Horror subject escape room is one of the freshest escape rooms of ours, which this group could try out now. The story is that people of a village got haunted by a vampire and the residents of the village wants to get rid of the vampire. The players find out as a vampire hunter that what is the name of the vampire, where it lives, and what ways he can be defeated. The students could get this information by solving of the

Based on the feedbacks the youngsters felt better themselves and they appreciated the decoration too. After the successful solution they got richer with a certification. If you would try out our escape room with you acquaints, friends, family then look for us on the +36 30 903 6135 phone number or on the email address or through the facebook page of our office.


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